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About Me

Hello! My name's Audrey Stirling and I'm the sole owner, operator, artist and designer at Stirling Designs. I strive to make one of a kind pieces of art that have a special connection with the viewer, wearer or possessor. My work is detail focused and is often inspired by the organic forms and processes found in nature.



I started creating jewelry after being exposed to the technique of wire-wrapped jewelry at a music festival in 2016. As I continued to create more and learn more about the world of jewelry, my desire to learn fabrication techniques continued to grow. In 2019 I decide to enroll at Iowa State University for a BFA in Integrated Studio Arts. Here I have learned a wide array of processes including fabrication, casting, raising, forming, hollow construction, stone setting and filigree. I will be graduating in December of 2023, and no... I do not quite know what's next yet!


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On Facebook or Instagram: @StirlingD3signs


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